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..+| Annu's RP |+..

|| Fear not for the future, weep not for the past ||

..+| Annu's Roleplay |+..
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Welcome to ..+|Annu's Roleplay|+..

This community was made for literate roleplay and originally for friends. So we are going to try and keep the number of members down for better RP and so we don't overcrowd with the posts. We'll be doing one roleplay at a time as opposed to numerous RPs, feel free to just join in an already started RP. Try and contribute as much as you can to the plot to make it more interesting. Thanks for reading and have fun! =3

If you have any questions contact Rauie.

[x] Don't join if you are not a literate or at least semi-literate RPer
[x] No controling other people's characters without permission
[x] No killing other people's characters without permission
[x] Include a description of your character in the RP
[x] Rauie and UnknownxHatred are the mods so pretty much what ever we say goes.
[x] If you are posting an out of character post mark the entry OOC (( Out Of Character ))