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Roleplay Numero Uno :B

Awright, now that we have a few people we shall start the RP. I suppose we'll start with a Yuugiou RP.. Must do an animal one after. u_u Awright, you can claim your characters here then we can begin. I have rules for everything. It just makes me feel important so here we go.

[x] The yami and hikari's will be in separate bodies.. Just easier that way.
[x] Made-ups are allowed
[x] Swearing and profanity are allowed, but make it in character. Example: Yuugi doesn't tend to swear often.. He's one of the goodie-goodies. +coughs+

With replies to the RP, don't post your RP post in the comments make a new entry.. Right, yesh and I claim Malik although Marik is still open. Yar. Okie I'm done, I'll wait for at least one of you to make a claim before I start.
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I claim Marik and Yuugi! ^^
Okie.. :D