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(( OOC: Evil Megan...x_x; took Ryou and Bakura. Bleh! >< ))

Yuugi could see, from the prism of experience, that Malik didn't really want to talk. His famous greetful smile weakened into a slight frown. The thought of going back to the Game Shop and sit at the counter, waiting for his grandfather to come back from wherever he was seemed to bore him even more. "Well..." he said making small circles with his foot. "It is...but...I just was taking a walk...like you." he smile again. "I was going to Anzu's house."

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Crap.. Must go for supper. Be back on after.
|| Ooc: But you see, they've always been my roleplay characters. :3 I've been roleplaying with them for a few years. Since my obsession over them became. ^^
x_x;;; Oooookay......
|| T_T Well it's known for a fact. ^^ -runs around the room ironically- ||
XD Ahh...
Bleh.. I'll have to reply later on or tomorrow. Parents are being evil and making me take my sis to the pool.
-spazzes- Damn you Emmename. T_T
Oi...that's suckie! X.X
I'm back if anyone is on.
I'm still on Emma. I updated my journal with a poem that took me nearly an hour to finish. @_@ Would you read it please and comment?
I'll read it!

^^; I was about to get out of bed at 2:45 am but there were so much at stake! o_o My dad would of got up and caught me! Maybe I'll do that tonight...hopefully I won't get caught.
Sure, I just finished commenting.