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A light crimson liquid smeared across the tiled floors in a cramped kitchen. Among the liquid, a silver dagger was sitting alone in the middle of it all. Hovering over a shrivelled figure, Bakura stood with absolute glee written on his features. Below him, bleeding from any open gash, was Ryou. Ryou clenched his eyes shut expecting more of the blows he was so used to now. When receiving none, he opened his eyes, turning himself slowly, a sharp pain stopped him from being able to get up. Wincing, he turned onto his back, noticing Bakura had left.

Ryou sighed and lifted up his bloodstaind shirt. A huge gash could be seen spread across his chest. The loss of blood was causing Ryou to become dizzy, he shook his head assuming that would be of some assistance, but it had no effect, he tried to get off the ground once more, and the blood loss finally took its tole, and slamed Ryou back down to the ground. Ryou's eyes shut tight and he fell unconcious.

Meanwhile Bakura was upstairs, not really doing anything in particular, I suppose he stopped with his omote's torture because he thought he was going a bit too far. Actually, that wasn't the reason at all, Ryou was beginning to annoy him over the fact he hadn't cried. Bakura's grin would always spread wider when his omote cried, but no, he didn't today, and it was sending Bakura over the edge. He could just hit Ryou more, and see if that did anything, but Bakura felt like he was done for the day. He walked back downstairs and into the kitchen, his expression emotionless as Ryou lay unconcious on the floor. He rolled his eyes, slammed the door to the home, and walked out of the apartment building.

He trudged aimlessly down a street and looked amongst the buildings around him. 'What the hell am I supposed to do today?' he thought to himself. 'Nothing's interesting in this city anymore.. I could just kill Yuugi or someone. Maybe that Anzu girl.. Or maybe the annoying guy Jou. Nah. They're not worth the effort..'

He paused for a minute looking around to see where he was, in truth, he had no clue, but oh well, as long as he knew where he at least came from, that was all that mattered.

|| Ooc: Goddamnit, I'm horrible aren't I? >.< Aw well. ||
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