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The femmora lifted her snout to the heavens, in hopes of finding something. Though she had not a clue what she was looking for, anything really. Loneliness was beginning to gnaw away at her heart, it was a wonder she had gone on for so long with out a companion of some sort. The mutts large auds swiveled forth, pressed firmly against the wind. Her tassle was held high, trying to look even the slightest bit brave and keep face.
"I'll find something.." Muttered the dog to no one inparticular.
Oasea craned her swan like neck to the earth, doing her best to catch a scent. Many paws had passed through, though the scent was old, decaying even. The dogs aquatic coloured orbs narrowed as she trotted off to a familiar place, a comfort.

(( Sorry for the short post.. They'll get longer as I get into it. =3 ))
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